Dead Factory Haunted House (2017)

By The Dead Factory Haunted House (other events)

9 Dates Through Oct 28, 2017

A locally owned Haunted House Attraction located in Mexico, Missouri for anyone brave enough to make it to the end.


What people are saying:

"Absolutely the best FRIGHT I've had in my life!" -Stephanie Couch

"The actors were amazing and the design was incredible!" -Abby Mohr

"...legitimately terrified for my life. 10/10" -David Scott Barnes Jr.


*The Dead Factory is a 8,000 sq ft INDOOR attraction with mazes, rooms, special effects, and live interactive scare actors. All sets are centered around your worst fears and phobias. Can you make it to the end?


The Story:

Dr. Phil O'Brian was forced into conducting experiments for a secret military organization. He fooled hundreds of innocent volunteers into participating in a brain research project and instead their minds were altered and their bodies deformed.

The victims worst fears were extracted from their minds and their souls haunted the doctor for the rest of his life....trapped inside the factory.

Everyone that enters is a possible case study for one of his deranged science experiments. Are you up for it? He is looking for new volunteers....


Things to know about The Dead Factory:

  • No taxes added to tickets. It's included.
  • Our crew shares over 50 years of Haunted Attraction experience.
  • FREE on-site parking. No hidden fees.
  • We have 'Monster Shield' necklaces for kids to scare the monsters away.
  • We are a scary but safe environment. Dress comfortable.
  • Mild blood and gore. Parental Guidance suggested.
  • We have an indoor queue line to keep you dry and warm in October.
  • A typical walk through is about 20-30 minutes.
  • We have over 30 actors who love horror and Halloween..and want to scare you.
  • No conga lines. Each group gets their own experience. 


You can learn more on our website: